Exceptional Retinal Care in Central Massachusetts and Beyond


In response to a growing demand for quality retina-specific ophthalmic care in the Worcester area, Vitreo-Retinal Associates ("VRA") of Worcester was co-founded by Dr. Melvyn Defrin in 1980.  

In 2004, Dr. Frank McCabe joined VRA, bringing with him extensive medical and surgical experience in the treatment of retinal disorders. With a firmly established reputation for providing quality care, the practice continued to grow. Then, in 2007, Dr. Brad Baker joined VRA, contributing his expertise in the medical and surgical treatment of retinal disorders, including macular degeneration, retinal vascular diseases, complex retinal detachment surgery and macular surgery.

In 2010, VRA expanded further, merging two office suites into one newly designed 5000 sq. ft. space. The design goal was to provide ample space to accommodate our patients, and to assure patient flow from check-in to check-out is as smooth and comfortable as possible.  With the expansion, we purchased multiple state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment and continue to assess the need for updating our equipment on a routine basis. Dr. Hong joined the practice in 2016, bringing with him extensive knowledge of the latest technology and training in the field. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Defrin retired after 36 dedicated years.

Over the past several years, at the request of multiple pharmaceutical groups, and overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institute of Health (NIH), we have become major participants in clinical trials in the United States. A clinical trial is a study in human volunteers designed to answer a specific health question about the safety or efficacy of a drug, a device, or other interventions. In essence, our physicians examine the risks and benefits of using these medications and are designed to find safe treatments that work in people and new ways to improve health.

For your benefit and protection, we have entirely switched over to electronic medical records, providing both security measures designed to protect your Protected Health Information (PHI) from unauthorized individuals. We encourage our patients to become active participants in their care, and have implemented our “Patient Portal” to facilitate access for our patients from obtaining their PHI.  Since 1980, VRA’s philosophy remains to provide outstanding, personal care for all our patients.